Hello evreyone i have a question how can i build custom hands for my faces

Hi @n.dennys59
You can create custom hands using any design software you choose and output the images as PNG or JPG format.
It’s best to design them at 640x640px so they will be positioned correctly in the Facer creator.

Just a caution: Be careful when publishing designs with existing brand names as these will get flagged and probably taken down in due course.


Also worth mentioning…

When you design your hands, you’ll want to either design them at 640x640 as dubblebee says or make sure your image is centered however you want to use it.

In the editor, you can choose the anchor point for your hands. I think it defaults to center, so if you use a picture consider it will rotate around that anchor point. If you change the anchor point to the bottom or the top it will rotate around that part of the image.

Here’s what I mean: