Hello Facer Community

I’ve posted a few support questions, figured I should say hi.

The name is Tom
Former Army, 5 years in communications
Former computer consultant and business owner. 25 years, retired.
Currently a truck driver, 2 years

I live in California but in the last 2 years of trucking I have hit all but 7 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii obviously.
Never want to go to New York again, in a truck, horrible! Haha!

I’ve traveled to Mexico, Germany and Italy.
Plans to see France next year

Married with 1 daughter doing her doctorate program.

I’ve owned a gaming domain name in the past for a game I’ve played since the 80’s Diablo
I’ve been a moderator for a few tech websites over the years

Well, enough about me for now

See you on the boards


Welcome to the Community Tom Lorentz, good to see you here :wave:
You’re obviously already very knowledgeable, but there’s still heaps to learn here, and lots of friendly/helpful people too. I hope you have fun designing Faces and look forward to seeing what your imagination can bring to the table :smiley:

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Thanks for the reply,

I won’t be designing, no time. I’m just a user at least for the foreseeable future.

I will annoy with my questions though.
If I was brave enough, I’d take my watch apart to see the insides.
My wife just got it for me for christmas and shed kill me. Haha


Ha ha, no need to take it apart anyway, you won’t see any coding or math in there :joy:

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I’m a geek at heart
When I was 13 I took my family’s working VCR apart just to see what it looked like inside

My Dad was furious but said it never worked better

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Thank you for your service and welcome!


welcome @tom.itssos !


Welcome to Facer Community, Tom. :slightly_smiling_face: