Hello Facer, I'm Leezard, from France

I just realized that I’m working on Facer for two months now, and I’ve never introduced myself :slight_smile:

My wife offered me a Huawei Watch for Christmas, and I discovered Facer abot one week after… The use is so intuitive that I created my first watchface in 5 minutes… Of course the result was awful :smiley:

Then I tried to duplicate existing watches, took me a long time, and of course, the result was deleted due to copyright !
Never mind, it helped me a lot to understand how facer works.

Now I have 20 watches published (at this time) and I would like to publish more, and more, and more :slight_smile:

As I’m a “standard” user, my watches are free, but never mind, I don’t want to make money, I’m just proud if some people like them and wear them.
I like watches that are “different”, my watchface “halfwatch” for instance, has the hour hand only on a half circle, and minutes in a quarter… doesn’t fit to everybody, the design is not so smooth, but you’ve got the idea
Please accept all my greetings from France and share them all over the world

If you want to have a look of my watches, just click here

Hello @yves.duteil and welcome aboard this nice community.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Nice watch faces so far - facing is a lot of fun, eh?

Greetings, GAUSS.

Welcome Leezard :+1:

Welcome and have fun!

Thank you all ! I’ll do my best to share with all the community

Welcome to Facer and the addiction to creating watch faces!

Enjoy! ~Sirhc

Welcome to the community! :slight_smile: