Hello from Dani

I am new to Facer and i like it very much.
I have gear s3 and made 2 designs publised.
I dont see them in facer, can someone explain me where i can find them ?
My user name is doctor4u
I am sorry for my bad english.
P.s… i am dentist …

Welcome to Facer. I found your Facer page at doctor4u and did a search for you on my Facer app and found you right away. If you go to the Facer app and click the three bars on the top left.

Then click your “User Name” in the app, it will take you to your watches.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply.
From my user it is eazy to find and to edit.
What i meant is after i publish the wachface , where or in what section the other Facer users see it published.
I searched in all categores , but didnt find them.

Maybe you made it, save it but don’t touch on the top publishing button.

It should show up on computer under the “Browse Watch Faces>Recent” link at the top of the Facer page. On the app you click “Explore” and then on the “Fresh Faces” card click “MORE”.

Ty mate.
Your adivce was good.
I find it :cowboy_hat_face:
Have a nice day

Hi mate
Ty for your replay.
I find the face under explor, freh faces section.
Have a nice day :wink: