Hello from London, UK

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the community, got my first smartwatch this Christmas and haven’t stopped installing new watch faces since!

I’ve already found some great ones here and can’t wait to start making my own using the Facer Creator.


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Welcome @dubblebee
I hope you enjoy facer!
Greetings from Norwich, UK

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Hi @dubblebee ! Welcome to the community!

If you have any questions, just ask, there is great group of people here that are very helpful!


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Thanks @cdownie1967 I’ll make to use the knowledge available!


Hello and welcome to Facer! Glad to have you. I’ve been to London and can’t wait to go again! I also look forward to seeing your first works.

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Hello @dubblebee and welcome!

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Thanks for the warm welcome @jmorga106

Welcome! Feel free to ask any questions it’s a great community!

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Cheers @cth4242
This has to be the friendliest forum around!

I’d say it’s the friendliest that I’ve ever encountered.