Hello from not so sunny Liverpool

Hello, folks, I think I may have just replied to someone else’s greeting rather than just doing my own, but, the option to do this has appeared, and here we are. This looks good, if I can find my way around things OK. Look forward to chatting with you.

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Welcome John , You will find many friendly and helpful people around here.

Hello John and welcome to the Facer community. If you have any questions please ask, we love to help.

Welcome to the forum, and hello from sunny Norwich.

Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community! There a many how to topics you can find and if you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask. Everyone here is great about helping each other out.

Thanks all, for the warm welcome. I am almost finished with my first design, but far from sure on every thing. I do have one particular query, but I guess there’s a thread for that so I’ll ask it there. Hope to have a face published soon. Cheers.

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