Hello introducing myself

Hello, I’m new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I am a retired postal carrier, Air Force Veteran and work part time at home depot. Please feel free to take a look at my designs and please leave helpful comments. I usually do Space, Military and sci-fi themed faces. I have not figured out motion or animation yet so any help would be appreciated. Hope you enjoy my designs.


I’m not an official, but Welcome to the community. I see you have plenty of designs :wink:
As I have seen (and i haven’t been a part of the Facer community very long) everyone here is friendly and very helpful when it comes to designing question/problems. Have fun facing!

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Welcome to Facer! Love seeing people introducing themselves! We’re going to create a new category for this in the forum: Introduce Yourself! - FACER Community

Welcome, and I wish you good luck in a designing interesting watches