Hello, Luca by Italy

Hello everyone, my name is Luca, I’m Italian and my brand is “SpeedyDesign”. I love the world of watches and car racing, where I take inspiration to create my works …
I sincerely hope you enjoy what I’m creating.


Saluti Luca, benvenuto in Facer

Welcome @miani67 !

Welcome Luca!

Luca well arrived

Ciao Luca,
Bene arrivato in questo mondo.
Attenzione: crea dipendenza! :slightly_smiling_face:
In bocca al lupo per la tua nuova avventura
Italia - Torino

Hi Luca,
Welcome in this world.
Warning: it is addictive! : slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck on your new adventure
Italy - Turin

Welcome Luca!