Hello, new Facer user here, experienced Watchmaker user

Hello all,

I am dipping my toes into the Facer world and getting myself up to speed on the Facer Creator interface etc, etc.

So far, so good as I am building different elements for watches such as chronographs, tourbillons etc, etc.
I am interested in trying to go for a partner account eventually, but I am a little worried as it seems that window has closed? Is this true?

Any Facer partner care to enlighten me on this? I am getting the feeling that this is not as robust a community as I thought and is kinda dying slowly like Watchmaker.

Please tell me i am wrong.

Thanks in advance. J


Welcome to the Community, we’re not dying, just enjoying the glorious weather lol


Welcome @kirium0212. I wonder how easy it is to become a Partner of Watchmaker . You have to subscribe to Premium here to make Proper Chronos. You can show off and give us a Tourbillon to look at.
There are Facer documents that outline the steps to become a Partner. It is obviously still possible. They had an open invitation recently and got some in from Samsung and Huawei .Hopefully a partner will chip in soon to Encourage you.


I’m pretty sure the partner thing is still open. The Facebook group is probably a lot more active than this place, since this place is really for developers and Facebook is for users.

There are plenty of new faces appearing on facer, and I think its a lot more active than this forum, or indeed, any platform, would indicate.

I suspect if you’re keen on being partner, you’ll be better off waiting until they have another open call, rather than working your butt off to get your syncs up and meeting their minimum requirements.Their “requirements” for becoming partner don’t really mean much. They’ll make up their own mind who they want as partner. Warning: they don’t publicize their open call on this, their developers platform, which I think speaks volumes about them. But you need to make up your own mind. I assume the partners are happy being partners, otherwise they wouldn’t continue to do it.

When I was interested in being a partner and working hard to get there, I was shocked at how few syncs you needed in the premium charts to move up the chart, and I suspect most syncs are premium users who get to sync for no extra charge, rather than those without a premium account, who buy individual faces. I have no idea what the payout is on any of the partner work. Number of sync’s required to move up the free charts is much higher (as you might imagine), but still not massive numbers.

I’m no longer interested in it, and happier on the platform for having made the decision not to even pursue it. I make faces for my own amusement, and that’s all. I don’t even have a Facer Creator Pro account any more.

Good luck to you in your pursuit, and I look forward to seeing your work.


Yeah What He Said .

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Wow, thanks for taking the time to reply and provide so much information to me. I also make watches for my own amusement and it has been a hobby of mine for the last few years or so. I cant help wondering though if I should try my hand at looking for a revenue stream out of it. I honestly don’t see anyone making huge bank from faces, but every little bit can help. A little recognition of your work also helps too in my opinion. I will make a starter pack of six watches, toss it up on Facer and see what happens. :>


Cheers man, thanks for the reply.

I honestly have no idea how to become a partner in Watchmaker or even if there is such a thing. I am interested in Facer because I feel it is the biggest platform out there. I do have a premium account already and I am just figuring it all out. As far as the Facer documents that outline the steps, that seems to be THE only one, thats relatively current at least. I guess its just part of the mystery. Anyway, I’ll put up a pack of watches and see what happens.


Please keep us up to date…
I’m definitely not alone when I write, we look forward to great work.


Welcome and good luck.
About the partner account, there was a time window, when one could apply and be received, despite not meeting all the mentioned criteria. Since it is over, the most important thing now is, that to satisfy these criteria does not grant anything. Only “if you are selected by the Facer team, you will receive an invite by email”.


Welcome Kirium, good to see you here! This community is very different than watchmaker which as you know it’s primarily about replicas. Here there is a lot more enthusiasm and incentive for creative original ideas.

Unfortunately this community forum is only populated by a very small percentage of the platform users, similarly there is a slack channel which is often a ghost town. But… There are some devoted participants here, and definitely there’s always someone who will step in to offer help or feedback when it’s requested. If you judge by this forum you’d think Facer was fading but the opposite is true, the platform is really growing and continually improving.

This year Facer has upped their commitment to active social media so the Instagram channel and the Facebook group are busy every day. It’s worth following both of you want to make a presence here.

The partner program has evolved a bit here now, there likely will be another open enrollment of sorts i expect at some time, though I don’t know when. But bottom line is the active exceptional designers most definitely get noticed. That doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate partner invite, but partners are very invested in the platform too so we are always checking out what’s out there, and many times it’s a partner who first brings a designer to Facer’s attention.

The main thing is to have fun, try to grow your skills along the way, get a feel for the platform and see what happens. :slight_smile:


It’s great to hear from one of the masters! Thanks for the insight. I am really wanting to join an active community, and I think you know that MeWe is just an absolute ghost town. I am here to learn, to share, and to hopefully, maybe try to monetize (just a little scratch) something I really enjoy doing. Working on some faces now and I hope to have a few up soon!

Cheers, Kevin

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