Hello there People

Howdy, folks, new designer here. I have one question, maybe I’m a bit dense, but is there no way to search this forum?

Welcome @scott.e.little
you can hit the magnifying glass in the top right:

Thanks again .it wasn’t appearing using edge but when I switched to chrome it did. weird.

Hi and welcome! Are you using the phone app or the computer? I’m seeing the search option using Edge on Windows 10.

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Welcome to this great Community Scott, there’s loads to be found and learned here, and lots of helpful members as well :smiley: I’m a relative noob and the Community has been extremely helpful to me :upside_down_face:

Welcome Scott ! Strange that you didn’t have the search show up in edge. I use edge and it’s there for me. It’s also here in the app. But in general the forums are a bit quirky at times I’ve found. I’m hoping an overhaul is on the laundry list of to-do items for the Facer team.

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I think was likely a glitch on my edge. After reboot it seems to be working fine.


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