[Help] ADD +1, +2 to day of the week

I am trying to create weather WatchFace with 3-day forecasts. I am trying to put this expression
(#DWE#+1) but it seems not working. Anyone else encounters the same problem? or anyone has another way of putting it around?

#DWE# tag is for elapsed time and not day of the week.

You should try #DOW#, or #DOWB#.

My bad its actually #DE#. So, its (#DE#+1) and it doesn’t work.

I don’t think you can add a number to a text and expect something good to happen.

The only thing I can think off is using one of those 2 tags I mentioned before and using a condition to display text based on them.
But remember that #DE# shows text based on user’s language, so this method will not fully work from the start

Alright so its not possible. Thank you for your help.