Help again please [pass “over” the line and continuingly rotate]

Hey all wonderful facer people can i beg for some help please?

is there a simple code for Ring A & B were in A would pass “over” the line and continuingly rotate with the #DWFSS# speed and for Ring B to do the same? i stress the “over” the line as with the #DWFSS# i can get the rings to rotate in a 360’ circle but not in the motion were in the circle moves towards you and over the line.

As always thank you for any input or help you may have with this.


thank you @lucky.andrei i did not want to seem like i was pestering you lol

I haven’t figured it out yet anyway. I’ll try to come back here later :smile:

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As always gentleman and a scholar :grinning:

I’m not sure what you mean by over the line? Are you trying to fake an orbiting entity?

If so, you might need 2 layers, 1 for behind, and 1 for in front. I have inspection enabled on this test face I made if it helps you:


firstly can i say that face is bloody awesome.

i feel i will have to confess lol this is the idea of what i would like to see if it is possible? i have an idea in mind for a small collection of faces with a gyro incorporated.

but rather seeing the whole picture as you see it, i was hoping someone would have some form of gyroscope code that i could chop and change into the desired effect. if more than one layer was or is needed to an idea of how to achieve this would be perfect ill happily put in the time if someone can point me in the right direction.


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But do you want frames like that to rotate? or do you want things to travel along the frame?
Making this all spinning together will be a challenge…

hey sorry for the late reply had family round…

the best analogy i can give is could you imagine a sonic the hedgehog ring? that kind of spinning motion at different rotations.
could say i take a circle remove the background etc so i am left with just a ring, could that ring rotate in a flipping motion i think flipping is the word i have been looking for either towards me or away from me? could the ring image remain on the spot like a sonic ring would and not travel around the watch face?

Thank you for getting back to me much appreciated


That would be hard texture wise, there is no “3d” in facer. I guess you want something like this, but have the correct line on top of the other?

I think you would need like 4 or 8 layers per ring and show/hide them at the correct moment. It gets even more complex with a 3rd ring.

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@ThaMattie that should be absolutely perfect!! man thank you that means a lot it looks exactly what i had in mind. proper chuffed at that hopefully ill update in the new 24 hours or so with it in use on a face.


what do you think so far? :thinking:

I like the background that spins around, I would use higher res images for the gems on the outside

@ThaMattie agree and have just removed the outside gonna tweek some more as we speak lol