[Help] Android Wear Smartwatch and iPhone

Hi! I have a Fossil Q Wander smartwatch and an Iphone. My facer app can’t recognize mi smartwatch and it offers syncing just with my apple watch. How can I solve this problem?

Right now the facer app dont give me any option when I triple tap to explore.

Our latest version of Facer iOS (4.0.0) now supports Android Wear and Samsung connections!

Having a problem getting the QR code it keeps saying I have no internet on my watch but I can get to other stuff and I can get the random faces in the app so I appear to have internet. Is there too much load on the server for the QR codes?

Still can’t seem to get QR code any ideas. I have a Hueawei on I get failed to generate QR code please check internet but I know I have internet connection. I even deleted Facer off the watch and then installed it again directly from the watch and Google play store app on the watch and it downloaded and installed fine with the internet connection. Any other ideas of what to try?

One thing you can check is that your ‘feed’ is enabled in the Android Wear app on your iPhone. Open the app and go into settings (gear at the top). It should be the second item down, ‘Your Feed’. This must be turned to ‘on’ in order for our app to work. Let me know if this helps!

Gavin, Perfect! Once I turned that on and went back into Facer on the iPhone so that it was waiting for me to get the QR code it worked. Thanks so much! It’s great to have Facer working iPhone now with Android Wear!!!

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This hasn’t solved the problem for me. I have feed on, I’m not in airplane mode, I have internet connection and I’m still getting “failed to generate code please check your internet connectivity” error! Help

Just purchased the Huawei Smart Watch 2 and installed your app. I can’t generate a QR code. Followed your suggestion and enabled feeds, but nothing. Please help. Thanks!

Hi there I could not find the gear option on top of wear os app
I am using IPhone
Can u please help me