HELP! Cannot sync faces in "My Designs" folder

Using latest Facer app, i have some faces in the “My Designs” folder…I downloaded them from a reputable site, so they should work. When I try to set one of them as my face for my watch, the icon with the watch and arrow, starts to spin immediately as it tries to sync the face. It NEVER sets any faces from this folder.
Cannot figure it out.

Its the Huawei Watch 1.

In most of all cases it doesn‘t sync because you didn‘t login at your account.

Thanks for your reply. I have logged. I can sync any face found in the app. I just cannot sync any of .face files which I have downloaded. I know they work because tons of people have successfully been able to sync them.

I don’t get it…

Ähm… what .face files are you speaking of?

You do work with the online facer creator, do you? Or do you use the very old downloaded version?

Uhm, I’m using some face files which were created for Facer by several different users on another forum. They are .face files. People have sync’d them to their watches successfully. Is that an old method which no longer is supported by the newer versions of Facer? Like i said, i see them in the app in the “My Designs” folder after importing them, but it just cannot sync them to the watch. It can sync all other watch faces I get from using the app though.

Hmmm… i think they are incompatible…may be to old.

Really? That would suck. Would make no sense. Could it be though?

How do I get one of the actual Facer staff to verify this 4 me?

Well, i am not sure about all this, @Facer-Staff or @Facer_Official maybe could help in this case.

Another reason why this isn’t possible may be that Facer want to avoid copyright problems. I don‘t know of any method to load or save external parts or a whole watch face from harddisk…

These .face files are, as far as i know, saved files from facerepo. In September facerepo was forced to shut down due to a lot of illegal copyright infringements from the swiss watch association. Facer don‘t want to go the same way and so they are doing a lot to avoid these infringements. So when you try to import something like Rolex or other famous brands i assume it won‘t work…

But- this are all speculations…

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Facer still has many many watchfaces that infringe copyrights. They really need to zero in on those developers. Otherwise all this will end up in a ditch and will be a really bad thing, as Facer is working well and doing good for a lot of people.

Oh! Thank you both for your replies. Maybe you’re right. Will contact Facer Staff for ‘official’ word, as that may indeed the reason why these don’t work.

Thanks a million!