Help for 2 rotational expressions

Hi to all
I would use this dial

I would have 2 hands marking weeks of year and months. My problem is…that i am unable to find the right rotational code for these 2 hands. I have the expression for days in month and no more.
Some good samaritan can help me ?
Thanks for any welcomed help

My math isn’t good enough to figure out the weeks quite yet, but this will give you the months with no problem.


You might be able to alter this to get you the weeks. I would say you need to figure out how many degrees you need the hand to move for each week. On the above the months have to have the hand move 30 degrees each month, just like the hour hand moves only in reverse. That’s the (-( part of above. The +15) aligns the hand to the center of the month name.

UPDATE: I played with my expression and figured out that this will match the weeks of the year in your example picture.


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Aehm… you know that this is a clone dial from an existing watch? (JUNKERS 6734-5 Eisvogel F13) I hope you will only use it for personal purposes because it‘s against the TOS of Facer…

Hi as mentioned by Gauss you can only make this face for personal use i have put together a mock up face with the maths in place to help you ok

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Thx very much for your precious help, you have saved me from madness many times and i appreciate a lot.
Your formulas work at their best. Fantastic.
By the way you say you are not a mat, but to me you seem a sort of Einstein. LOL
Cheers and thanks

Thx for your clarification

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Hi dazstacey
I have appreciated very much the hard work you did to help me.
Thx very much. Formulas are working in agreat way.
Thx, cheers

Hey @dazstacey, how do you see the code you used for this watch face? I’m new here and would like to see some samples like this. Thanks

Open this watchface in a new tab and click on the left among the buttons on the small rocket.

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