Help for battery dial with small hand

Hi to all
I really need some help for a dial representing watch battery with small hand ( i attach a picture) because i’m going mad.Annotazione%202020-02-09%20075301
I started using the formula (-90+(#BLN#*1.8)), but does not work properly. The % battery it seems correct, but at full charge the hand point at - side instead of + side.
I played around trying to arrange the formula, but being the worst mathematician in the world, i have had no results at all.
Can someone suggest to me the correct formula? At full charge the hand should start at + side going CW toward - marking the correct %.
Any help will save me from madness. Thank very much

Hi @mauriziosignorini1

I used a half circle battery indicator in this watch face (OHHZ - Checkered Orange - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer) with this formula:


It goes CW but opposite your direction (second half of the circle) try removing the “-” infront of the 270


Thx for your reply. I tried your formula, but does not work. The formula with -270 it seems to work, but full charge is at -
Removing the - sign the hand goes out of scale, going below the sign + :cry:

Hi mate see this demo i just put together it works fine on here and i have put it into inspection mode ok

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Hi pal

I have appreciated very much your help. It works great :smile:
Thx again. Have a nice day,
P.s. May be you can suggest to me a tag to represent BPM with leading 0? Just as 082 instesd 82

Thats about the only way i can think of doing it see if you can make that fit somehow