Help for first letter of day

Hi to all
I have a problem. In my watch i want first letter of day in the date.
I use the tag #DES# and in facer creator the first letter of the day is a capital letter. As to say M for monday.
This is what i want, but i don’t know the way in my watch (Samsung Galaxy Watch) the letter is shown as m in tiny and not M in capital.
Someone can help me?
Thx and cheers

Hi @mauriziosignorini1

Did you try to click the Capitals button at the bottom

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I have the same problem in my Samsung Galaxy Active 2, sadly.
A different method to work-around this would be to download and use a font that basically all letters look as if they were always capitalized :slight_smile:

Whooow. You are GREAT my friend. :grinning::wink: It works perfectly. Now I have my capital letter.
Thx so much for your help

I don’t know if you have seen what has posted “ozarour”. The solution is…very simple.
We have to click Capital button at the bottom. It works perfectly. Now i have my capital letter

Sadly that won’t work for me :stuck_out_tongue: as I like to display the day as the full word, but don’t want the entire word to be capitalized xD Still, glad it worked out for you o/

I have the Galaxy Active 2 and my “Days” always show with a capital letter at the front. You may be having an issue with the font you are using. Some custom fonts don’t play well with Facer and some watches.

Yeah, not sure. I’ve tried a few. Maybe it’s because my watch’s language is set to Spanish (same as my phone). It’s no biggie though :slight_smile: Not really actively looking for a way to fix this since it doesn’t really bother me, but thanks for the tip nonetheless!

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You could always cheat and make pictures of the week day names and use a conditional to turn them on or off on the correct day. I did that with some of my faces with moon phase. All the conditionals to put the moon phase name would skip a day or two a month and not have any name. Now I just add a second moon phase over the first one and replace all the moon pictures with name pictures.

Here’s an example watch. The moon phase name is a picture of the name.

It’s cheating, but no one knows unless I tell them. :grinning:

Oh I already use pictures for my days of the week :stuck_out_tongue: My current project isn’t published yet, and not sure if it ever will, but I’ll show you in a DM o/

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Yours is the correct answer for all caps

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