Help for purchase premium version apple store

Hi, I’ve been trying to buy the permium version on the apple store since Friday but the offer for blackfriday doesn’t appear, The offer says it costs 15.99 for a year but when I try to make the purchase I always see 43, 99. You can help me? Thank you

For premium issues I suggest you contact @Facer_Official at: or email them at:

I opened 3 tickets!!! Unfortunately poor customer service. Nobody supported me. A shame!

Facer is staffed by very few people and a lot of them are working remotely. It does take some time to work through all the issues especially now with the introduction of the WearOS 3 watch operating system on the new Pixel watch along with the Fossil Gen 6 and the updating of all the newer Mobvoi TicWatches. All of which are having growing pains with step count and heart rate not being updated on the watch. Facer has been devoting most of their support staff into that effort.

Then complicate that with having to work through Apple to resolve purchasing issues on their mandatory use of the Apple Store and no other way to make purchases in Facer. The WearOS side of things on Premium issues has the same bottleneck through Google Play. I don’t know if contacting Apple might help you or not.