Help for vertical battery indicator with a hand

Hi to all
Looking again for help Often i use this simple dial to show battery power
Immagine 2021-10-20 080701
with this formula (270+(#BLN#*1.8))
Now i would use the same dial, but in vertical position. The above formula, if i rotate the dial at -90 does’nt work.
The hand continues to move horizontally
What should i do for the hand to move vertically?
I see that some faces ( i.e. Artemis IV-dual-time by @richard2) have the battery dial in vertical position and the hand works properly, but…my hand always move horizzontally.
Thanks for any help

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Hi @diavo. 270 is the start angle of the hand rotation. Try 180 or just play till it’s right. *1.8 is the scale of the sweep. I recommend you have a little play with that. Inspect some faces that use that trick.


like Russel explained, the first number is the starting angle of your hand and the last one is how many degrees it turns each % (full circle is 360°). I made an example for fun.


Hi diavo,

russell and petruu have nailed it! For quick and easy reference to your question, the answer is:

100% at ‘12’, 0% at ‘6’ moving anti-clockwise use:


100% at ‘12’, 0% at ‘6’ moving clockwise use:


Cheers. RIchard2 (MACH-1)


Hi @russellcresser ; @petruuccios ; @richard2

I thank you all very very much for your help. Now i have a battery hand working vertically.
if I could be born again I would study a lot of math, but I assume that it is difficult for that to happen

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@diavo I was told at school that I had no chance of programming as I was illiterate mathematically. . There was no Basic in those days but when I got a chance I discovered I could do basic stuff. It is more about practice. Facer gives us late starters a chance to do stuff by trial an error and most importantly have some Fun.

hI @russellcresser

Of course I can only agree with you. As you told, i’m learning something step by step and the most important thing is that we’re having fun.
Another thing that i think important is that we keep busy our poor old brain :smile:

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