[HELP] Frozen seconds hand causes irritation to users!

@Facer_Official I have many complaints from users, in dim mode the needle of the seconds is frozen! and this seems to bother them to such a point that they ask for the return of the money for which they pay and even some get aggressive in their comments!

Is there any chance of making it keep turning the hand of the seconds in dim mode?

I am afraid that this will generate a negative image about my designs that has cost me a lot to position or make them known among users!

Thanks Guillermo!

I thought Second hand never works in Dim mode. Dim mode only updates once per minute on the minute.

We’re unfortunately limited by what the OS can do on that front - we do not do anything on our side. What you can do is make sure that any item showing seconds is disabled in dim mode. I would however suspect that things are going to change on the hardware side in the future and that you will see new watches being able to update more frequently in dim mode.