[Help] Gear S3 with Galaxy S7 Active Connection Issues

Hello one and all! Firstly, let me apologize in advance of this topic has been covered before; I’ve looked through the forums here and haven’t found anything in regards to.

In short, I’m using Facer on a Samsung Gear S3 Classic that I recently bought. I’ve used Facer previously on an Asus Zenwatch and haven’t had any issues, but after setting Facer for the S3, I’ve had repeated connection and sync issues. With the exception of the most basic faces (think regular analog-type dials), nothing will update, like battery levels, weather, steps, etc… I’ve already tried uninstalling/reinstalling Facer on both my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Active) and the Gear S3, and I’ve even performed a full hard reset on both, which unfortunately hasn’t worked. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Any help is appreciated!

Take a look at this thread:

Try Bluetooth off, WiFi on. Please report back if it works!

Thank you for your reply; I did indeed try the BT off/WiFi on suggestion as stated and it didn’t seem to work. :frowning:

Ok, quick update. Seems that the only time my S3 will update is whenever I have the Facer app running and actively using it on my phone. Outside of that, my S3 will not update if the app is running in the background on my phone.