[Help] Gear S3 with iPhone SE

I just got a Samsung Gear S3 as a present a few days ago and been struggling to link it up to Facer via my iPhone SE since.

The Samsung Gear connects to the watch no problem, I have also installed the Facer Companion (V. 3.0.0) on the iPhone and can see the Facer watch image on the watch. When I triple-tap on the icon as prompted, the icon goes slightly smaller, but that’s it. Nothing happens thereafter.

There are some nice watchfaces I would love to use on the watch, but there don’t seem to be a way to get them across. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I might be wrong but I don’t think you can sync faces to your Gear S3 via your iPhone, you’ll have to do it either via an Android phone or the web interface. If it can be done it would be good if @Facer_Official could tell us how as I also use an iPhone.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I was looking at the web interface, but how would that work? I could not figure out a way to make that button (send to my watch) work in any way. There don’t seem to be a description either.

I am an IT professional, so I ‘should’ be able to link up a bluetooth or WLAN device, but the watch truly has me stumped.

are you allowing watch to connect wi-fi and bluetooth, think if you setup the wi-fi you’ll crack it

I finally managed to link my watch to facer via an Android phone (VFD700 from Vodafone) after installing the required apps: Samsung Gear, Gear S plugin, Samsung Accessory Service and Facer. That allowed me to download and install various faces.

The watch links to the phone via two bluetooth channels (one is labeled Gear S3 (FEA7) with a headphone symbol (presumably for the sound channel) and the other one Gear S3 (FEA7) LE which seems to be the data channel.

I did try to use the WiFi channel (the watch links up to the network just fine) but that did not result in anything (using an Apple MacBook Pro with macOS 10.12.

I took a closer look at the ‘send to my watch’ button, but that links to some minified javaScript the function of which I cannot deduct at this stage. Perhaps someone from the facer team could elaborate on that.

that’s good, now you can enjoy all the faces on the Facer platform, have fun

Hi @peter1 - support for syncing watch faces from an iPhone device to a Gear S3 isn’t yet supported, but it’s coming soon!

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Hello, I’m using the Gear S3 with iOS too. Are there other ways to get the Facer skins on the watch? For example over the USB connection to my PC?

Hi @saschaw92 unfortunately the companion app that’s on your watch will only sync up with an android device running the the Facer App (Please can @Facer_Official confirm this definitively, i.e can you sync from a PC/MAC running web version of Facer direct to your wearable?)

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Can I clarify, once a face is sync’ed to a watch, say Android phone to Samsung Gear S3, does the connection between watch and phone always need to be to Android to use that face? Or to phrase it differently, if I have occasional access to an Android phone, could I use that to load (a) face(s) to a Gear S3, and then use the S3 with an iPhone and still have those faces on the watch?

And when do you expect the support to occur, by the end of the year or sometime next year?

@title1down we’re planning to roll this out very shortly, possibly before the end of the month, or very early next month. Thanks a million for your patience!


Any updates on the rollout? I’ve owned my Gear S3 Frontier for a few weeks and would love to download some Facer watchfaces. Sorry Facer but current app that lets me view five random watchfaces isn’t cutting it.

Why can’t you download faces from Facer, are you using an Android phone?
I also have a Gear S3, and have android phone but i’ve also been able to use Facer with an iPhone, went back to Android because of the greater functionality

With iOS you don’t get the ability to search through the watch faces and download those you like. You just get five random ones.

Have you tried syncing from a PC or MAC?

Facer Support - When is this capability going to materialize?

@Facer_Official: Hi there, you had mentioned about rolling this out end Sept…is this update available as yet…I’m using an iPhone and have the Gear S3 and would love for them to connect.

how do you do that?

Can you explain how you would sync through a pc?