[Help] Graphic Indicator for AM/PM

Is there a way that I can indicate AM/PM with a colored dot (graphic)?

Yes, there is.
But first I need to know some more:
Do you want one point to change color, or to disappear?
Or maybe something else?

I would like it to disappear.

So, basically, a dot next to an “AM” label that would be colored during AM and one for PM.


So 2 dots, separate from each other?
That’s easy.

Use those codes for their transparency:

Actually, just a dot during AM and another one during PM.


∙ AM


∙ PM

But, no “AM” or “PM” just the indicator graphic.

The codes I created will hide/show an element selected by you depending on if it is PM or AM.
Just use them on those dots of yours.

So, I put the first line on the image I want to show during AM and the second line of code on the image I want to show during PM?

Yes, to be precise you put then in the “transparency” of those elements.

I will try that. Thank you!

I put one of the lines in the transparency, but nothing happened…?

Can you give me a link to that face?
(with inspection mode)

Can I do that? It isn’t published, yet.

Try it.

I sent it in a PM.

Hi, did you get it working? I’m looking for this solution too