[Help] How To Block a Follower?

This might seem like a strange request, but is there a way to block a follower?

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Maybe report them? IDK?

Is there a way to search member names here, so I link to the correct one? On the other hand, he may have already been filtered or reported because although Facer app for Android notified me that he is following me, I do not find him on my list of Followers.

If you put a @ symbol and then immediately start typing the name it should pop up on a list above it.
When you select it, it creates a link to that person’s profile, like this:

Thanks! The name does not come up. I just reported the name to Facer Staff FWIW.

No reply from Admins, but the person is now showing up in my Followers. It appears that he/she is not registered at the Community Forums, but is following my watch faces. (Is that possible?) All I want to do is block the user from following me.

Hi @Linlay - we do not support blocking a follower as of today, but could you describe what you expect that feature would do? We can definitely try and schedule something like this on our roadmap if it’s important to the community.

It appears that he/she is in violation of TOS. Does this apply only to the forums and not to designs?
"You agree not to do any of the following:
· Post, upload, publish, submit or transmit any User Content that: … (iv) is defamatory, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or offensive …"

This user may not be a designer, but some of what is in his Watchbox, as well as that of his 1 Follower, is not family friendly.

For the roadmap:
It would be great if we had a BLOCK option available - perhaps included as a dropdown menu component of the Facer App’s Follow option - when we are notified that we have a new Follower.

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Ahhh… you want to eliminate the possibility of someone navigating from your profile to this family unfriendly profile.

Not gonna lie, I couldn’t really tell why you wanted this before, but I get it now. Sure, a block feature would have some utility. :thumbsup:


Yes, yes, exactly - and the reverse as well. :sunglasses:

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Any updates on this topic? Any luck @Linlay ?