[Help] How To Control Rotation by Gyro

I like to make a flare go round by moving the watch. So if it is vertical or horizontal movement by the wrist. this light flare needs to turn arround.



I saw this one but I don’t get it to work. Put two times the same image on top of each other and put the both scripts in the images. It does something but not what I

If you want I can help you, but I would need a link to your face with the inspection mode turned on.


Thanks for your help. I Made a copy from my original watch face and put the inspection on. I don’t know if you can op this?

the name of the flare which I already put in the watch is: Light_Effect_crop
This one needs to rotate on Gyro so you wil get a real effect on the background of the watch.

Few things:

  1. When you share a link to a face that you still work on, you need to delete the “/edit” from the end of the link, otherwise, it will not work for other people.

  2. From what I can see you didn’t even try to put my solution into that face…
    So as long as I won’t see a case when you implemented it and it doesn’t work, then I cannot help.


So first I made two exact the same flares.
Put the first two lines in the first flare and the second two lines in the second flare.

If I test this on my watch I see the top one turn for about 90 degrees. But then it jumps back. The second flare stay’s on his original spot.



You only copied the rotation codes and not (also) the transparency codes.
That’s your problem.