[Help] How To Make Themeable Faces

Hey guys and girls,

I’ve seen that watchfaces can now be themed. But how is this done? I’d like to do that in my watchfaces, too - so I don’t have to create different faces just with other colours. :slight_smile:

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@FalkWussow Good catch :wink: This feature is limited to our own designers for now but will be rolled out to everybody soon Stay tuned!


3 months later…
How soon is soon? :sweat_smile:

Can we get a hint on how it will work?

And another month.
One third of a year.

Any info pls?!

I gave up waiting - there are other apps that do this now.

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8 months later… still nothing


This is honestly the biggest annoyance I have with Facer right now.

Any news here? :confused:


@Mellin, you have created themeable faces. How do you do it?

@Facer_Official, when you said “will be rolled out to everybody soon”, did you actually mean “everybody” or just premium designers?


Right now you can do it if you are a premium designer:

Still nothing announced for standard designers ? :pensive:
This evolution would be really a pleasure for us and for you because it would avoid that we duplicate our creations by 6 or 8 for each colors.

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Yep. This is one of the main reasons I’ve pretty much stopped creating faces here at facer. They’ve really gone away from what made them popular in the first place and are largely catering to corporations now in an effort to chase the money.

Between this and the loss of tap events, I can design elsewhere.

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@Facer_Official, can you honestly tell us if standard designers will have this option or not?
Thank you for not letting us hope for nothing.:confused:

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