[Help] How To Reply To Reviews With Popups Blocked

If I get a user with issues that they need help with I’d love to be able to reply, but this is proving to be bit of a mission impossible. When will the facer team fix this? Using a PC browser (Chrome) I hit the reply link in my email and get directed to my design page. It shows now comments for the particular watch design. I am assuming this isnt something Im doing wrong? Surely clicking the reply link should direct you to the comment with a reply option? The current setup is just awful.

Just saying…

Have you tried a different browser? Edge gives me a reply popup. I love that, and feel as if I’ve made some new friends.

Good point! I should try internet exploder… Im just a big chrome fan LOL!

bah just tried edge and no joy.,

@patdude what you are seeing seems like a bug - it should indeed open the Creator and pop the review on your screen automatically for you to reply. Can you confirm you are logged in on the Facer Creator when you open the email and click on Reply?

Just a thought, @patdude, you don’t have any popup blockers enabled, do you? It’s in Edge Advanced Settings.

no I double checked that too… odd isnt it?

Im definitely logged in too

What about security software? Could your AV be blocking popups?

I’ll check… odd innit? Also none of my faces are showing any reviews…

@patdude seems like your configuration is leading to a number of issues with the Creator. Can you send an email to facer-support@little-labs.com with all these issues along with the exact configuration you are using? (Browser version, type of computer, the email you use to log into the Creator, etc.)

Replying to reviews always worked for me, but today the procedure did not work on the most recent one. The email with the “Reply to this review” button links to a blank page. The review is not listed with others in my “Latest Reviews”. Is that a bug, or has the member removed the review?
I’m running Windows 10 1705/Edge/ThinkPad 13. It did not make any difference when I manually went to the URL of the review.

@patdude started more than one thread for this issue. The most recent, feature request version is here: [Idea] Streamline Reply To Comments by Email

nope using my phone or a PC/Mac its the same story…