[Help] How To Respond To Reviews

I’ve had a few comments on my designs, Most compliments, but some requests or suggestions. I’d like to respond to each review, especially when I’ve made a change to accommodate somebody’s wishes; however, when I click reply, it takes me to facer.io/creator where I can only find the first three comments I ever received, so I cannot respond.

Hi Warren,

In Facer Creator, each watch face displays a count for Syncs and a count for Reviews. Both are clickable. Clicking on Syncs gives premium designers access to detailed sync+use data. Clicking on Reviews gives all designers an interface to respond to individual user reviews.

Regrettably, that is not always true. I received the following email
"esroarke commented on your watchface, Blue Flower Fractal:
“by far my new favorite watch faces”

There was a reply to review button, but there was no review posted, and there was a zero in the box for number of reviews, so nothing clickable to bring me to the review for a reply.

I had received a comment a while ago about my watch face, Stained Glass, in which it was stated that it was pretty but hard to read, so I posted a new version that I thought would be easier to read, but I could not inform the reviewer because there was no number or link to click.