[Help] How To Show Battery Level As A Fuel Gauge

How can i make a battery indicator like a fuel level with a arrow? I know that i can give a arrow a tag to rotate on battery level. But i want to limit the rotation between two points. like from 290 degrees to 70 degrees for example.



Well assuming you mean -70 by 290, you just need to scale it to cover 140 degrees, like this: ((1.4*#BLN#)+70). this makes 100% change to 140, minus 70 so it starts in the right spot. Assuming you plan of applying this to your existing watchface, I might suggest adding a center point or two for realism.


What do you mean with the center points?

btw thanks for your answer…



Sorry for managing to miss your reply. In the creator you can add a centerpoint that covers the very center of the watch. Purely an aesthetic suggestion, nothing functional.

Thank you so mutch! I just try it on my first watch model! It was a day to night clock, like Stardew Valley! LOL. and it works! thanks!!!

Could you tell me how to adapt this formula so that it would be for steps out of 5000 and fill up from where the 5 hand is up to the 2 hand?