Help! I cannot create a QR code

Hi, I downloaded facer on my Huawei Watch 2 (with Android Wear 2) and the companion app on my iPhone. I also have the Android Wear app installed on my iPhone. In going through the install process, the watch will not generate a QR code; I get the message “Failed to generate QR code. Please check your internet connection.” I know I am connected because I just downloaded the app to my watch and I can see that I am connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth.

I found another thread on this topic that says the solution is to click on a “gear” icon at the top of the phone app screen to change some settings, but there is no such “gear” icon at the top of the app screen.

Does anyone know how to generate the code?

I’m having the same problem. Did you ever get it resolved?

Same issue while using Ticwatch Pro.

Also the Fossil Q Venture

also on the fossil gen 4 explorist

Agree fossil 4 same issue with no fix coming from support?

Hi all,

This is unfortunately caused by a bug in Google’s WearOS app on iPhone. We’re hoping a fix is imminent - you can follow the official thread for updates here:

Really hoping for this to be fixed soon, it’s kind of dragging on now and it will soon be 2019 with still no solution.

@denso.sard1 we understand your frustration - we’ve communicated to Google that this needs a fix ASAP. Things are likely slowed down on their side due to the holidays, and hopefully we’re just a few days away.