Help! I'm slightly visually impaired and my Facer app keeps scrolling

I’ll be honest, I’m not even really that huge of a Facer fan. I thought with the variety available I’d be able to find more faces that are both appealing to me but more importantly easy to read at a glance. While I have found a very few both free and purchased I had really hoped for a LOT more. I admit I’m CHEAP! My budget doesn’t allow me to go for the top end models. My first foray was a very disappointing Asus Zenwatch2 which just up and stopped functioning about the time Google got around to updating Wear as much as it was needed. So when the Mobvoi TicWatchE became available I decided it looked good at a reasonable price and since the DPI was vastly improved I figured it’d help with my diminishing eyesight. And it did, however, I somehow changed the settings on my Facer app so it just randomly changes faces to ones that not only don’t appeal to me in the least but are also harder for me to read the details I want at a glance. My biggest gripe is the UI on the Facer app is confounding to me. I never know what the hell I’m doing and thus have this scrolling away from the faces I like to ones that don’t appeal to me in the least and I don’t know how to get it to stay statically on the Facer watch faces I prefer. In fairness, even the worst Facer faces are still far better than the entirety of the Mobvoi TicWatchE preset faces. So I’m not hating on Facer completely, I just wish the app interface could be more intuitive. Thanks ahead of time for any help or suggestioins.