[Help] Imported PNG Displays Jagged on Watch

Hi, I am testing a new watch face I have created. I didn’t publish, yet. For some reason, part of the design of the face is not appearing properly on my watch. It looks like part of the face is damaged.

I created a duplicate design with a new face, then changed the background and the same error occurs.

I even recreated the entire watch design from scratch and the same, damaged graphic appears on my watch. I have the latest Beta version on my phone and on my watch.

I haven’t published the design, yet, because it’s not ready.

I can tell you it’s the $17.8 million Paul Newman Rolex that sold last week. I have spent a lot of time on it for everyone to enjoy.

Please give me an idea how this can be fixed.

Can you share more details about the misbehaving graphic?

  • What’s the file format before upload?
  • Is the layer being animated?
  • What’s the layer transparency?
  • Are any conditionals involved?
  • How exactly is the graphic displaying wrong? (“Damaged” is not really descriptive enough for us to diagnose.)

It is a .PNG file.

It is not an animated graphic.

The image is not transparent at all.

Conditionals? It’s an analog face with a chronometer (with one hand per chronometer dial).

It is displaying damaged, as in it appears like parts of it are degraded (but only on the watch).

On my computer and the actual file, the image isn’t degraded at all. I can’t figure out why it appears this way on the watch. I’ve duplicated the face, recreated it, etc. And, it still comes out with this problem.

Some of the outer lines going around the face aren’t uniform with the rest of the lines, and other parts look like there’s a black line crossing through them.

What are the pixel dimensions of the .PNG?

If the dimensions are odd, or if Facer scales it down instead of Photoshop, sometimes weird visual artifacts show up.

I made sure the pixels were not odd - they are 1800 X 1800.

Now what?

I am using a .PNG.