[Help] Inhabitant Tachymeter

I just purchased this watch face and wrote a negative review. On Classic S2, background is not green but all grey, tachometer does not sync as you wake up the watch, as it is supposed to do. Global comment, it is useless.

Designer invited me to facer’s forum to find a solution. Hope I am at the right place…

I’m glad that you came here.
I hope we can work it out.

BTW for other people, this is the face in question: Mellin - Inhabitant tachymeter - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Can we please move this discussion to PMs?
Can you send me one?

Thanks for answering,

Ok for this PM, should be home around 14:00, Montreal time.

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Hi Mellin,

I did a few tests.

Each I download the facer, the bezel is installed with a different angle. This is probably right. But, no matter wath I do afterwards, it no longer moves.

For the background color, I can scroll through the colors on the watch but when I select one, nothing happens, the watch remains grey.

Hope that helps.

I do admit, that just clicking on a new color should do the trick, but first please try those:

  1. click the “apply” button above the colors.
  2. resync the watch after selecting a color.

Just to make sure: when you select a new color the preview on your phone changes, but not the actual watch, right?
If that’s the case, then the themeability problem might be the biggest one because it might lie on the part of the base software itself and not the face I created (I’m currently battling a similar case but with a Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen watch).

Also here you have a full description of how the bezel should move:

When set at a place it should not deeper until the screenshot down, or goes into the Dim mode.
Whenever the watch is turned on or brought back from the Dim mode the bezel should rotate and stay in a new position, where (at the moment of the wake-up) the 60 mark is lined up with the second’s hand.
You should be able to check how it should move by enabling and the disabling the Dim mode in the preview of that face (both on your phone and in the internet preview).


Correct, when I select a color ont my phone, the preview changes but if I install that face, it still shows grey on the watch.

My watch is a Samsung Classic S2, not sure I know how to make it go dim… After watching the watch, when I turn my arm away, it goes dark. If I bring my arm back, the full display shows up.

As I said, the only time the bezel changes alignment is when I download and install a new face.

The turn gesture should be working, so this might be a problem with my math.
I will prepare a free test face and we will see how the math behaves on your watch, that should help me understand where the problem with the bezel lies.

However, the colors thing is a big problem that I cannot fix.
For it I suggest you sending an email to facer staff to the address “facer-support@little-labs.com” with a title containing a word “Bug” in it.
Say that your watch doesn’t show the change of the themeable color that is visible on the preview.
Provide also a link to that face and for good measure, you can also give them a link to this conversation (some staffers are frequently using this forum, so they might just join us here if we are lucky).

Thanks Mellin,

I will do as you suggest and keep you posted here.

By the way, the idea of a mobile bezel is brillant, Too bad it does not work on my watch…

Have a good day!

Also, could you make the test face with a fix green background, that’s the one I like most.


"Thank you for contacting Facer, we have received your inquiry/request. Someone will be in touch to help you shortly!

If you need to reference your issue with support, your ticket number is 15816

In the meantime, many issues you may run into are addressed in our Facer Community

Thanks and have a great day!"

The test face will not actually show time itself, just some relation between wake-up ratio to the current time and difference between smooth and jumping second’s hand movement.

If you really want I can make it green, but it will not be a good face to actually wear…

Ok, here is the test face: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

4 numbers are:

  1. current time from the last wake up (in seconds)
  2. difference between 1 and 4
  3. difference between 1 and 4 with additional math inside
  4. current seconds with milliseconds

What you should see:
4) this number is self-explanatory - it’s just current seconds counter, showing also miliseconds.

  1. shows time from the last wake up, so it should be = 0 when you wake up your watch and then it should count seconds from that moment - Check if it jumps to 0 when you wake up your watch.
    2/3) those numbers should be equal to each other, or #1 can be equal to #2-60 that’s ok - tell me if they show anything but that. Also, 2 and 3 numbers should not change, they should stay the same all the time (as long as you don’t go into dim mode / make the screen black).

Try this face and let me know what behaves as I described and what doesn’t.

Ok, I understand.

Using the same background image but not themeable might confirm that the problem is really there.

I will be happy to help you test it.

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[quote=“Mellin, post:12, topic:10045”]

  1. current time from the last wake up (in seconds)

        Started at 0 but keeps increasing regardless of the number of wakes
  2. difference between 1 and 4

      2.  Keeps decreasing by 60 sec steps every minute.
  3. difference between 1 and 4 with additional math inside

        2.  locked on 4,763999999 sometimes displays 4,765000000
  4. current seconds with milliseconds

         4. Correctly counts the seconds from 0 to 59 and cycles


2, 3 and 4 sound ok, so it looks like a problem with detecting wake-ups.

First thing: (since I never had a Samsung watch) does your watch have a power button?
If yes, does pressing it while on your current face makes your screen go black?
If yes, then when your watch is woke-up from that does #1 still counts, or goes back to 0 and then counts?

It only has a function do shut it off, I use it before I go to bed. It requires a reboot but, yes, it would reset the first number to 0. Not practical though.

I think you are right, my watch is not detecting wake-ups. Maybe I should report this as another bug, the display coming back to life should trigger that parameter.

I thought of a way around it, not so elegant, but should work. The StopWatch functions could be used to indicate speed on a fix tachymeter. If I want to measure speed, I just have to start the StopWatch then switch to the watch display to follow a point or another needle along the tachymeter scale.

I tried that on a sample watch, the field appears in the design face but, again, does not show up on the watch…

Thanks for your help anyway.

If we cannot fix it ourselves then, by all means, this must be reported.

There is the last thing I can think of:
I believe that your watch uses Tizen OS on it, so it might not be available in the same way, but on my Sony SWR50, which uses Android Wear OS, I have in my options function “Allways on”, which keeps the screen working, even when it’s not doing anything.
Try looking in your watch’s setting for an option like this, it might help.

I have that option, tried it, watch display stays on at all time.

I think its a problem with the watch, Display switching off than on should trigger the Delay Since Last View parameter.

If that’s the case then you can add this problem to the bug report for Facer.
Have you heard from them about the last issue?


Yes, I received a follow up on my request:

Amber (Little Labs)
Sep 21, 02:07 MST

Hi Pierre,

Thank you for reaching out to us and we are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the app. Are you using the latest Facer Gear companion app version (3.1.6)?

Can you try to select a non-Facer face and then re-select Facer on your watch? Let us know if the issue persists.

Little Labs

To which I answered:

Pierre Richer gmpricher@gmail.com
24 sept. (Il y a 2 jours)

À Little
Thanks for answering.

I tried what you suggested, no change. The Facing ignores the theme selection.

As far as the other bugs, I wonder if they concern Little Labs or Samsung… Who provides the software on the watch which produces the display??? Little Labs or the watch manufacturer… Maybe you are right, the software on the watch could have been installed by the Facer Companion on my cell, not sure.

I will add these bugs to the service request: Delay Since Last Viewing is not reset when the watch display turns back on and the two Stop Watch functions freeze the watch display.