[Help] Is It Possible To Buy Watch Faces on iPhone? (No)

I have a gear s3 and an iphone.
I really like the ArtyA watch but i cant seem to find it on the app on my phone to buy it?
Any help?

Hi there!

Paid watch faces like the ArtyA are unfortunately not yet available on the Facer iOS app. However, you can get them directly at the Galaxy App Store using the following links:



Opening the links on my computer does nothing and opening the links on my iphone just says “Open in Gear S App” (something like that) and it just puts me at the start page of the gear s app

Oh, it looks like purchasing paid faces on a Gear S3 connected to an iPhone isn’t available even directly from the Galaxy App Store. (likely due to business-related restrictions between Apple and Samsung). Let us confirm with Samsung today and get back to you!

Any news when we’ll be able to get paid watch faces for android watch & apple combo?

What is the reason why it is not possible to buy a face in combination with ios? I have this combination with a ticwatch e and i will buy some faces. Please do it possible!
Best regards