Help - Keeping my previous watchface on my S3

So I am new to facer and installed it on my Galaxy S6 phone and onto my Samsung Gear S3. I can download a watch face from Facer onto my watch with no problems. Then I pick another watchface from Facer to download onto my S3 and again no problem. But what has happened to the previous watchface that I downloaded onto my S3? Do I have to re-download it again if I want to use it again?

@richpal Hi there! Thanks for your note!

The best way to keep track of your favorite watch faces today is to add them to “My Watchbox” on your phone (you’ll need a Facer account to do so). By doing so, you’ll have access to all of them in one spot and can even leverage features like Shuffle mode to swap faces at regular intervals throughout the day. We will be implementing a similar feature on the watch itself very shortly to make this even easier. Stay tuned and thanks for your feedback!

I go to my phone and I have Facer app installed and I am signed in. So I uploaded a watch face to my Gear S3. It shows up on my S3 fine, but does not show up in “My Watchbox”. How do I add watch faces to “My Watchbox” please?

Hi @richpal! You can add any faces to your watch box by clicking on the heart icon in the top right of the watch face detail screen when browsing for faces in the mobile app. Thanks!

This doesn’t seem to be working for some S3 owners at least the ones that have commented to me after I explained to them how to save the faces. They say only the paid faces will save not the free ones.

Ok, thanks that seems to work now. I would still like to be able to have the watch faces saved on my watch so that I can switch between them quickly, but for now this works fine. I like the shuffle mode.

@richpal Does it allow you to save free faces that others have created to the watchbox now or just your’s?

I can save faces that others have created in My Watchbox on my phone including paid and free ones…

Thanks. I wonder if its working across the board now.

Hey guys! This should work whether the face is free or not. If you’re seeing any issue on that front, if you could show us a screenshot of which face you’re trying to add and the name/email of your account, we’ll investigate. Thanks!

since last update it’s impossible to add downloaded watchfaces; you can only send to watch. if you click on white Heart it does not add to my watchbox. if you reclick on white Heart the symbol “–” appears but after 1 second it goes away and can not add to my watchbox. i completally uninstalled and reinstalled application, redownloaded from store and at least resetted my phone and watch with no results. phone is Samsung s7 edge and watch il LG urban