[Help] Laggy Loading of Embedded Watch Faces

Can we talk about how it sometimes takes extremely long for embedded watch faces to load?
Is this an unavoidable server-side performance issue?

If so, should best practices involve limiting the number of embedded watch faces that must be loaded simultaneously, for example by capping the number of embeds per web page or forum post? Should that number be 1? 5? 10? Ten max per web page, 1 per forum post (for optimal speed)?

Some guidance would be appreciated. @Facer_Official @Gavin

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I can say that recently I too have experienced some long loading times on this site.

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Yeah… the [Collection] Fall for Autumn thread won’t load smoothly for me as it is currently structured. My hypothesis is that one watch face per post will load smoother, since the forum loads in a just-in-time manner as you scroll.

I’ll break up the second post tomorrow, once I my edit quota resets.
@mwebba2005, you may want to break up the first post as well.