[HELP] Linear movement in time interval

Good day, I hope you can help me, I’m trying to make a timeline (that works as a second hand) from right to left; separated by x space; I would like it to return to the left when I reach the edge of the right screen; I’m doing this with 30 lines, I hope you can help me, reviewing other post I’m trying with this:

(320 + ((((# DWE # / 10) - (floor (# DWE # / 10))) * - 320)) - ((320/30) * 3))

(320/30) * 3 -> Separation between each line

I accept better suggestions

Note: it is my first attempt to create a watch face

Pls :pray:

Just so I’m on the same page:
-(320/30) is the distance between 2 lines.
-the number right after the (320/30) (in the example 3) is specific for each line (the first line have number 1, the second one has number 2 and so on until we reach 30)
-the duration of that animation is 10 seconds and it is looping
-the " *-320 " gives you the length that one line moves in those 10 seconds
-the first 320 give us the starting point of animation

Am I correct?


the first 320 marks the start of the animation

the “-320” is the length that the row of lines

and the consecutive one is to give them a position

(I do not know if it’s correct): P

and what I would like is that when leaving a line immediately return, do not wait for it to finish leaving the whole row

Thank you!!

Then I would suggest you delete the " - ((320/30) * 3)" from the end and instead change what goes into your equation.

Something like this:

What I did was changing original tag you used (#DWE#) for this equation:
Under “x” you put the number on your line (but starting with 0, not 1) and you should be golden.

You might need to adjust the starting point, but other than that it should work.

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Friend, I thank you very much, It worked wonders :+1:… you are very kind ; I am sincere I have reviewed your contributions and I have taken it as a reference, all your work is great :raised_hands:, as soon as I manage to finish I will share it with you if you allow me.

Thank you very much and excuse my ignorance. :yum:

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