Help-lost my favorite face (new phone)

Setting up a new phone and can’t find my favorite watch face…

It was a ying yang pattern with analog watch with 24 hours on the bottom. Grey and black ying yang. On middle left was some one or two word phrase in asian style english letters (can’t remember what it said). Step counter in green on very bottom. Sort of a minimalist design.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? Thanks!

If you have “liked” that watch face in the past. You should be able to go to the app and find all the faces you have liked, and it should be there. Otherwise go to the top of most Facer webpages and click search and then enter a description such as ying yang, and Facer should find you a lot of options for that.

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Thanks "mr anti social guy"but no luck.

I actually found the watch face online…this is it (might be a copy) as it doesn’t have the asian writing on the left side. Anyone recognize this on facer?