Help me get this together

I have been working on trying to finish this countdown timer i saw from someone elses post where they got it to stop at 0m 0s.

The look of it is a great idea but i want to add a bit to it. I want to be able to make it read like a digital clock but everytime i group them together and add the : i get a nan or i when i try and add a 0 to the front of the seconds and just put the : in there like you would with a chrono it just moved the 0 out of the way and you end up with 059 and so on. So if someone could please help me i would be so greatful.

$#VAR_2#%2=1>0?(clamp((floor(((#VAR_1# * 60000)-(#DNOW#-#VAR_2_T#))%3600000/60000)),0,59)):(floor((#VAR_1# * 60)%3600/60))$m

$#VAR_2#%2=1>0?(clamp((floor(((#VAR_1# * 60000)-(#DNOW#-#VAR_2_T#))%3600000%60000/1000)),0,59)):(floor((#VAR_1# * 60)%3600%60))$

if we can get this to work the next step would be to add one that when you stop it you will need to hit rest to get it back to the start and it just not do it when you stop it .

I no longer have premium, but perhaps if you want to use start/stop and reset, it would be easier to use the build in chrono tags. You could do preset time - chrono time to have it counting down.
As for adding “:”, use a fixed width font and perhaps a layer with leading 0 and one without (adding zeros or colons in formula’s is going to be a pain)

I would do that but I used chrono tags and the countdown then doesn’t stop when it hits 00 it goes negative. With this formula it stops

yes, you would apply the same logic I used to stop at 0 to that formula (it does not stop counting down, I just stop showing the count down)

so you are saying use the same code but to where the opacity goes off and 00:00 shows up in its place when it gets to 0 so i know that its done counting. I was thinking of doing that or doing colors that blink as it gets near the time to wake the watch so if you arent looking at the face if the time is multi minutes then that way it will get your attention

i think i got it for combining the formula. i know you cant check it so i will link the face when its done so you can test it and see how it works. the formula i came up with is as follows

$#VAR_2#%2=1>0?(clamp((floor(((#VAR_1# * 60000)-(#DNOW#-#VAR_2_T#))%3600000/60000)),0,59)) (clamp((floor(((#VAR_1# * 60000)-(#DNOW#-#VAR_2_T#))%3600000%60000/1000)),0,59)):#VAR_1#:0(floor((#VAR_1# * 60)%3600%60))$

it gives me the minutes with the seconds and the only thing it doesnt give me is the : in the middle so i put in spaces and added the : in a text format to have it there the whole time
now i need to figure out how to get it to just pause when i hit the button and not reset

you might need a third var to register the pause and substract the time from that press