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Help me with code

can’t do such watch face(((

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@xxlformat919 Welcome to you. Can do such Watch Face. Sadly I am busy and not on my Laptop. Someone else will be along in a minute. Do a search in the Community for Jump hands.
I think for you Hour hand it would be.


The seconds might be


Not sure about the start angle.

Then you get smart jumps.
But I can not help with that at the moment.

Sorry I see you are 6 till 6.

All possible.

If you want to send us an Inspectable link to your draft and we can see where you got to.

thx !!!
I will try and if it will work I will tel u)

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You almost got it @russellcresser, the seconds hand needs to run backwards and the angle is 224°, so the second hands formula is:


Hour hand formula is correct. Would be the same for the minutes…

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Thanks @tom.vannes. Just guessing if I can not test it . But the basics are there. That the hrs min hands are supposed to run 6 till 6 crossing at 12 is a bit Different .

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So here is a Test . All I could come up with in my Lunch Hour. Incorporating the formula @tom.vannes gave as well .

I am a Technician and when something works I leave it alone . There are Guys on here and Gals that could come up with a much more elegant ways of crossing Zero . See I have made two Answers to one Question .

Interestingly I am working on something Myself that needs this formula . So my Heart Felt Thanks to you and Tom .

In case you do not know . Click on the title of the Face to go to Preview on a Laptop or PC ( not an App ) . You will see a Little Rocket which will take you to the School of Copy and Paste :rofl: . Inspectable Draft .


thx guys! https://www.facer.io/watchface/2hF04iigGF
it worked!) I’ve been trying to do something similar for a long time as it was on the old Moto 360


It is Always a Pleasure to do something for someone who really appreciates it. You have quite a bit of room to maks your Complications a little bigger. Good Job.


Interesting and unusal idea. Looks cool and different (it’s totally inpractical for every day use but who cares…).