[Help] Moto 360 Sport with iPhone 6 Plus - Syncing Fails

Running Apple iPhone 6 Plus
iOS Version 11.1.1
Facer Watch Face iOS App version

Moto 360 Sport
Android Wear Version

When attempting to transfer Watch face from phone app to Moto 360 Android Wear App the Transfer Watchface screen comes up. Runs for a minute or two then goes back to the default Facer Watch Face. It does not transfer the new watch face and does not give an error message.

I have tried both being connected to Wifi and Bluetooth and Bluetooth only. Same result either way.

Any Help you could give would be great.

Thank you

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I have also tried downloading faces directly to the Moto 360 through the Facer watch app and the same thing happens.

Yo tengo el mismo problema

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll have our team look into the issue!

Update - I found I can transfer faces from my phone to my watch if I turn off Bluetooth and am only connected to wifi. This process also kills the battery vary quickly.

Any update on your side?

Another week has passed and still no response.


Curious. Are all of you using iPhones? I have had no problem syncing faces for my Moto 360 Gen2, but I am using a Moto E phone with AW

Yo sigo teniendo el problema de que no me cambian las caras en la segunda cara con el shuffle, mi reloj es Motorola 360 sport y mi teléfono un Xiaomi redmi 4 porfavor solucionen el problema

@sirsully it seems the connection can be extremely slow or fail with bluetooth - try disabling bluetooth and use only WiFi and let me know if that helps.

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yup i tried that and that works. I actually posted that above in my third post.
That said what if I want to do this in an area I don’t have wifi. Bluetooth as a standard is plenty fast for data transfer. Why would it be going so slow between the watch and iphone?

Thank you for working on this and responding.

Yes i’m using an iphone 6 plus. It appears benja.f.g is not using an iPhone.

We don’t transfer the face directly to the watch via file transfer, the watch downloads the face from our servers directly. When connected with bluetooth, the watch utilizes bluetooth as a proxy for WiFi. Unfortunately the iPhone seems to occasionally throttle this connection. We’re still looking into it, but I’m not sure if we can control this issue from our software.