Help needed to set up Facer

Hi all, I have a Huawei Mate 10 Pro phone and a Huawei Watch GT-417. I would like to use Facer to change the time facer on the watch but when I try to sync it I receive an error “cannot connect to watch”. I have enabled notifications for the app on the device. Is there any suggestions I could try?

Facer is compatible with Tizen and WearOS based watches. I’m sorry but I think the Huawei GT runs an in-house operating system and so I don’t think Facer will work with it at the moment.

Oh, that’s sad. I really liked the app just by browsing through the difference facers. :frowning: Hopefully they will be able to overcome this problem, we’ll see. Thank you for your responde!

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Why do i keep getting emails about free faces, copy url, they don’t work and ask for payment… So not free but very irritating

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the coupon notifications. At the bottom of the notification there should be a link to help notes. Are you able to see those?