Help needed with Facer app using iPhone

Hello I’m a newbie. I got the Fossil Gen 4 watch with an Apple iPhone. I got the Facer app on my phone. How do I install new faces on my watch? Do I have to have an android device to do this? Thank you for any help!

Welcome! You will have to install facer on both the watch and the phone. Once this is complete you will have to pair your watch using the phone to scan the code on the watch. Once you have your watch linked you can use Facer on the phone to sync the faces to the watch. You may have to toggle the watch settings from bluetooth to WIFI only to start the process the first time, once the first sync completes you should be good.

Enjoy! ~Sirhc


Turning off Bluetooth just disconnects the watch from the phone.

HI @jtjurek that is correct toggle mean to switch back and forth, this disconnect and reconnect should trigger the sync process.