[HELP] No Device Found on facer.io

I am on the Website, with my phone (iOS) and Android watch on the same WiFi, but when trying to send a watch face to the watch I get the error “No Device Found”. I am logged in on facer.io but do not see any option to log in on the iPhone app

I have the same issue. I’m assuming nobody from Facer ever replied to this? 28 days ago! Now there is some top notch customer service.


  1. Could you please specify your phone, phone OS, watch, and watch OS?

  2. Have you linked your smartphone and smartwatch via bluetooth?

  3. Can you please go to the same watch face on Facer Android and try syncing to your watch from there?


Thanks for offering to help.

1 iOS iPhone X
2 Yes
3 Do not have any Android phones.

Thanks again

Ohhh, bad news - you may have attempted to load Tizen/Android Wear watch faces onto an Apple Watch, which returned the error message that no Tizen or Android Wear device was found.

No it is a Ticwatch Android

Could you please reach out to the other Ticwatch users on this forum?

I’m not sure if anyone has ever gotten a Ticwatch+iPhone pairing to work.

Ticwatch appears to run a proprietary Ticwear OS, which is Android-based but distinct from Android Wear.

Thanks for your effort. Ticwatch runs Android and has paired quite well with the iPhone. Just the Facer that has problem. Will look at the other forum. I bought an Apple Watch to replace it. Works better with iPhone.

Same here. Apple iPhone 8 plus. Watch is Fossil Q Explorist. When I am trying to purchase a watch face on the website i get a ‘No Device Found’ error message instead of it asking me for a payment method. It can download free faces, but I am not able to give you money for faces. How do I set up a payment method?