[Help] No Facer Companion for Gear S2/S3 in Costa Rica

I live in Costa Rica and there’s no way that I can download in the Galaxy app store the companion app. I have already bought several watch faces and can’t use it. Also, I send already 4 emails to the support facer team with no reply… please help

why cant you DL the companion app because of where you live?

"This app is no longer available for purchase or is not supported in this country or on this device (3010:4002:4f4fc0c0b5038)

I’m here in Costa Rica as well and I was able to download it before… But now I’m having the same issue… Strange enough, I even tried using VPN + GPS changer from work to cheat the app store into “thinking” I was in the US and didn’t work. Also tried deleting and creating Samsung Account to match the US location and no results… I’m beginning to think Samsung is blocking this applications slowly but steady… Specially now that I can’t access other similar applications I had for the same watch face changing… Getting same errors for all of them…

I already tried the VPN and fake GPS location as well, and got nothing. It’s a shame since I already bought a couple of watch faces

By any chance, do you happen to have the apk file?

Hey guys - we’re still actively working on this with Samsung. To give you a bit more visibility on the issue, this is caused by a new feature we added to the Facer companion app which is apparently not available in a number of countries, including Costa Rica, Colombia, and a number of others. We are likely going to remove this feature across the board in order to make Facer available broadly again. Thanks for your patience!


I have exactly the same problem!

Any idea on when this issue will be resolved?

Same problem here I just bought my gear s3 and I not able to download the companion please fix this asap

Same problem in Angola.

How actively are you working on this issue? Dec 24 and not even an update to this thread?

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same problem, do you fix the issue ?

There’s an update already. At least in Costa Rica

Great :raised_hands: