Help please [code for an image to rotate 360’ around the watch face]

Good afternoon any and all, I’m new to the creating of watch faces but during the trying times of COVID i have found I am enjoying the distraction immensely.

I’m currently learning the ins and out especially the abundance of tags, my question is: does anyone know of a tag or a code for an image or sticker to rotate 360’ around the watch face? i am fully able to make an image rotate 360’ in one spot but i would for example like to know if say i placed a sticker i.e. a star at 12 o’clock how would i make the star travel to the 1 o’clock position then following to the 2 o’clock position all the way around back to the staring point of 12 o’clock.

i understand if this can not be done and any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Last digit distance from the center (160) or radius

(160 + cos((#DWFMS#-90)*0.0174533)*140)
(160 + sin((#DWFMS#-90)*0.0174533)*140)

(160 + cos((#DWFKS#-90)*0.0174533)*110)
(160 + sin((#DWFKS#-90)*0.0174533)*110)

(160 + cos((#DWFSS#-90)*0.0174533)*140)
(160 + sin((#DWFSS#-90)*0.0174533)*140)

Here you can see how these formulas work, click on the rocket icon on the left and you will get to the editor.


@lucky.andrei loves all he sin and cos stuff :slight_smile:
Welcome @liammoneill24

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And instead of the multiply with PI/180 (0.0174533), you can use the rad function to convert degrees to radians:
(160 + cos(rad(#DWFMS#-90))*140)


There’s an easier way I think. If you made a photoshop file with the image you want to rotate at the 12 position, then save the WHOLE image, not just the orbiting part, as a PNG, then you can just load that in to the creator and use the seconds hand code. DWFSS

like this…

You can crop that into a vertical slice or whatever, but it’s an easier way to do what you’re looking for.


I even wonder, after so many useful tips, if the @liammoneill24 who asked the question will come to read the answers or not. Or we’ll wait for a few more tips that are useful in every way. :rofl:

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lmao i have only just seen that people have even replied i’m sorry truly. i spend 4 hours making my 3rd watch and got lost in time lol.

wow what can i say that watch you put up is a whole new level of awesome i can only dream to be as good but forgive me because i will try lmao, now i have to also try and make sense of the code you have given me. practice makes perfect i suppose, i feel i may be picking your brains and talent again in the future but again for now honestly thank you.


trying to get imges to move in 360 circle not on the spot

x = (<centerpoint> + (<radius> * sin(rad(<angle>))))
y = (<centerpoint> + (<radius> * cos(rad(<angle>))))

So if you want something to go around in 60 seconds 120px from the center:
x = (160 + (120 * sin(rad(#DWFSS#))))
y = (160 + (120 * cos(rad(#DWFSS#))))

This might go counter clockwise, if so, then the y should use 160 - ... (minus) instead of 160 + ... to go clockwise


Also see

Inspection open for expressions.

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