Help please guys

Hi guys I can’t seem to get Facer website to sync to my watch says unable to sync can someone please help ty

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Maybe you forgot to login to facer with your user account before.

No I’m logged in on both

Are you trying to sync using the computer or phone app?

Phone app

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facer app. Then log in again. That has worked for some people. Maybe it will help in your case.

I’ve done that and it’s just the same unable
To sync

What type of watch do you have?
If Wear OS, what version is on your phone?

13.3.1 os and Apple Watch series 5

Unfortunately, I do not have an Apple Watch so I cannot help. Do you have any friends with Apple who have been successful syncing to Facer? Maybe they can compare their settings with yours. Otherwise, perhaps Facer Support will see this and offer suggestions.

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How do I contact Facer support? N no one I know has an Apple Watch

It’s probably best to read this article from Support first. If Apple tells you Facer should sync, then you will know if you need to email Facer directly.