Help, please: images work on Creator, not on Watch

I’m developing a simple watchface that changes the background image dependent on the time of day and the weather (#WCCI).

I have each image set as a layer, and each layer’s transparency field set to appear when it should. For instance, the afternoon and sunny image has this conditional in the transparency field:

When I run through the time machine, all of the images work as they are supposed to… but when I sync it to my watch (Acer ZenWatch2), I only see the very top image (the nighttime and foggy one). The other elements and widgets work fine, just not the images.

Any help would be much appreciated!

This link isn’t working in here, but you can take out the spaces and inspect the watchface:
https:// www .facer .io/watchface/Gk1xap4fIn

Conditions with more than 2 questions in them will brake almost any watch.
You need to use up to 2 questions in 1 condition.

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Thank you for replying, Mellin. I didn’t know you could only use two questions at a time.

Can you use multiple statements in one field? For instance,
($#WCCI#=01&&#DHZ#>13?100:0$) && ($#DHZ#<=16?100:0$)
both in one transparency field (parenthesis and spaces added for easier readability)?

I ended up getting it to work by making duplicate layers of each image and putting one statement on each layer:
$#WCCI#=01&&#DHZ#>13?100:0$ on one layer and
$#WCCI#=01&&#DHZ#<=16?100:0$ on the duplicate.

This left me with A TON of image layers and made me wonder if maybe there’s a simpler and neater way to do this. Any ideas?


Try something like this:
Take that DHZ tag and subtract from it, so that it is equal 0, when it is in the middle of the range you want (if from 13 to 16, that would be 14,5), then get the absolute value from that and you should be able to make just one question covering both the start and the end of the range.

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Ooh, I was afraid you were going to say that. I’m good at design, decent at coding, and TERRIBLE at math. lol

I think I understand what you’re saying, so I’ll try it out and see what happens. Thanks! :relaxed: