Help pls... again

Dear Magicians!

Again i would ask for your help … unfortunately the program i am using is unable to create a bezel with angles other than 90 degrees, especially so that the two sides are of different lengths. I can only produce:

but I actually need something like this:

Could someone possibly help in a png file with such a (high resolution) graphic?

THNX anyway!!!

Hey, I think you’ll be able to make it. Instead of using the built-in bevel effect/tool that you used to make your example make it with two layers. It’s just two circles, one bigger than the other. Set your own sizes how you’d like them and use a gradient to create the 3d effect. You can see the outer circle has a light to dark gradient and the inner circle has a dark to light gradient. Can you make sense or of that? There’s actually a time lapse video of me creating that effect in photoshop as I just described. you can find it in an interview I did with Orakix. It’s in his profile on Facer.

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Yeah, maybe… but i cant use photoshop… you know i am a fossil like my program… ;-)))) anyway huge thanx for the help!!! this is the best community what i know!!!

Well, man, did that png fit you or not? I don’t get it.

curious… what graphics program do you use? obviously it’s got some capability! I’d be surprised if you couldn’t use it to do these things.

Ulead Photoimpact… The ring was perfect in this format! I have a blueprint already on it! THNX Andrei!!!