HELP: Tag values for watch name & manufacturer

I’ve been trying to make a watchface with device-specific branding and designs. In theory, colour and logos would hypothetically be able to change depending on the device running it.

I can’t know the values for #ZMANU# and #ZDEVICE# though, so I’d really love it if anyone could put this test watch face on their watch and post what the values are!

Here’s what I know so far:

Gear Sport: [Samsung] [SM-R600]
Gear S3: [Samsung] [SM-R760]

And here’s the test watchface for you to put on your watch and get the values:

Also, this is a bit unrelated, but the watch face preview on Android devices shows the phone info in these fields @Facer_Official. Is that intentional? It would really screw up a watch face that has different designs per device type.

Yes, it’s intentional - these tags extract the manufacturer and model information at runtime from whatever device they’re running on. If you’d like to use these tags to make a design that changes based on these values, we’d strongly recommend making sure you have some kind of default setup for values you don’t recognize.

That’s pretty sensible! The way it seems right now, Samsung and LG phones would cause mismatched branding in preview if the user has non Samsung or LG smartwatches.

The default Facer Smartwatch values could be better than phone info as it would trigger the default layout. Thank you, though! Sounds like the tags are just a display for android.os.Build.MODEL and android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER and whatever the Tizen API has.

That also means there could be multiple values for one device type, like SM-R805 and SM-R800 for the galaxy watch, so this is gonna get complex. Maybe it’s better if I stick to the manufacturer only :sweat_smile:

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Samsung Gear S3 gives the following:
Samsung SM-R760

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